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At Mosaic Events, we understand the challenge that comes with the logistics of planning an event, and we love it anyways. Starting with the strategy and ending with the perfect execution, we take pride in creating, curating and planning impactful, important events. We think of every detail so that you don’t have to, from contingency planning to decor. With us by your side, you won’t have to worry about a thing. ALed by Stephanie Barkley, who has years upon years of experience, our team at Mosaic knows what they’re doing.

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A corporate event is a powerful tool for communicating, sharing, networking, learning, building and growing. To facilitate these interactions, events must be carefully and purposefully designed.


Event's Made Simple

At Mosaic, we have a plan for our plans. We start by discovering each of our clients’ needs and passions, and we start figuring out how to align it all. Then, we define your event with benchmarks and milestones to refine the messaging. We follow it up with developing everything from the budget to the project management, and then it’s time to execute and deliver.

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