Our Process: The Mosaic Way


At Mosaic Events, it all comes down to a two-fold approach to corporate event management: we standardize the production work and customize the design. We use proven processes to increase efficiency and build structure, and then we apply our methods to design a tailored, strategic program.

It's The Mosaic Way, and it works.

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  • The Discovery

    In the discovery stage, we get to researching. We learn about your corporate goals, your priorities, your event history, your interests and your audience. By honing in on why this venture is important to you, we're able to personalize your event even more.
  • The Defining

    In the defining stage, we work with you to establish objectives and benchmarks to map out milestones and timelines. We also refine templates and tactics customized to your event.
  • The Development

    In the development stage, we roll up our sleeves and jump into planning. We manage everything for you -- the project, the budget, the logistics and details -- but are in constant communication with you and others about progress to ensure success. In development, it's our job to make sure that every piece fits into the right place.
  • The Delivery

    After months of hard work, the delivery stage means game time. We provide you with the details and documentation, and then we roll out the program and execute it. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the seamless, effortless experience and all the praise.
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At Mosaic Events, we take pride in offering comprehensive event management solutions to create inspiring events, whether you're an association, non-profit or small business in need of help.

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