Planning a Memorable Corporate Event – Start With Your Employees

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February 23, 2019


Tips and Strategies for an Unforgettable Corporate Event

Corporate event planning should revolve around one common theme: a company’s employees. Employees are the people running a company’s day-to-day operations. They’re the eyes and ears of the business and should be top of mind when coordinating a corporate event.

If you want to plan a memorable corporate event, the key is to listen to these important stakeholders. The people who make up a company drive its success and keep the business connected to consumers. They understand the ins and outs of how things work, what works well and how to improve processes across multiple departments.

Getting feedback from key stakeholders

When you begin the process of corporate event planning, you’ll want to start by talking to your employees. What do they value? Where do they want to see change? What makes them excited about working at this company?

Impactful event management kicks off with these types of conversations with employees. Get some time on the calendar to sit down with some of the leaders and managers across all departments to discuss the corporate event goals. When you talk with these influential team members, draw up a bulleted list of deliverables that they would like to see executed through the event.

Some common goals for businesses across all industries to work on at large events include:

- Brainstorming creative and innovative ideas amongst the entire company to develop new progress and growth.
- Encouraging coordination and collaboration among various departments to develop more streamlined daily operations.
- Coming up with a company purpose, mission or list of values.
- Participating in team-building exercises and endeavours to build a stronger unit.
- Analyzing past performance and determining future goals companywide.

After getting an idea of some common goals and expectations for the corporate event, the next steps can start coming together. You’ll have a better vision for the type of venue needed. You’ll also know more about the event management details. And you will be able to start planning activities, speakers or other special occurrences during the corporate event.
Create a marketing strategy that generates excitement

Even though this is an internal event for company team members, marketing is still an integral piece of corporate event planning. You want to get everyone in all departments ready and excited to participate in this special event. It’s no different than any other type of event—attendees should be anticipating the event before it happens and talking about it fondly after it’s done!

To get people’s attention, utilize email marketing, create infographics for the office and share something fun and different about the event. Maybe you’re catering it with one of your employees’ favourite restaurants, or a prominent author will be the keynote speaker.

Share these attention-grabbing details and thought-provoking content to get the buzz-generating about this knockout, unforgettable corporate event. For others to get excited, the content you market also has to be exciting!

Encourage team members to participate and engage with one another

You can also share information and encourage interaction on a pre-event networking platform either privately on a company forum or social media, using Facebook or LinkedIn. This will get people talking about the event and interacting with each other, creating more allure leading up to event day.

As you get closer to the event, it will be time to finalize details like venue, entertainment, run of events, décor and food and beverage. You may want to hire a videographer and/or photographer to capture incredible moments, speeches or awards.

For more inspiration and education about throwing a memorable corporate event, get in touch with Mosaic, an event planning company that specializes in corporate events of all sizes. We would love to help you elevate your next corporate event that leaves a lasting impression on your employees.
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