Corporate Event Planning – Why the Details in an Event Matter

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February 23, 2019
Corporate event planning

Corporate event planning

When it comes to corporate event planning, don’t let the small details fall to the bottom of the list. You may think certain pieces are more important than others, like dining, venue and entertainment. Of course, those types of big-picture details complete corporate events, but it’s the small things that take the production from good to unforgettable.

When you host an event, it can be helpful to think less about the reason for the event and more about how you want people to feel. Do you want employees to feel valued and appreciated at a celebration event for a big company milestone? Is it important for attendees to feel jazzed and pumped up about a new product launch? Or maybe you want people to feel focused but pampered at your biannual board meetings.

No matter the occasion, coming up with a general idea for the feeling you want the event to emit is step number one to creating an unbelievably successful corporate event. This vision will help you determine which details need more attention. Depending on the company culture, planning a corporate event can take on many different forms. No matter what, these are the more minute details you definitely want to consider before the event day arrives.

Heighten the Ambiance of the Room

There are so many ways to enhance the mood of the room. From table settings, to lighting and background music, the details that affect the room’s ambiance can be some of the most important. After you decide the feeling you want the event to create, it’s just fine-tuning from there.

Want the crowd amped up and excited? Use bright colours and keep the music upbeat and festive. Trying to create a more elegant scene? Classic music--or better yet, a live string ensemble--with crisp, white linens and traditional table settings can go a long way. Think about how the decor on the welcome table or buffet line complement your theme and enhance the overall emotion of the event.

Choose Music Wisely

Whether it’s background music as guests arrive or dance floor jams, an iPod with your favourite Prince and Mariah Carey songs plugged into a loudspeaker isn’t going to cut it. It might behoove you to hire a DJ or live band if it suits the event.

In any case, a curated playlist of appropriate tunes that don’t distract and do play up the themes of the event is always a good route. What you don’t want is someone to just put their Spotify account on shuffle, and before you know it, you notice F-bombs and other unfitting lyrics filling the ballroom. Having a music plan for the different stages of the event--arrivals, dining, awards, dancing, and so on--is absolutely key.

Consider the Stage and Lighting Features

Does your event have a prominent speaker or an awards portion? While a designated floor spot with a microphone might seem like a good enough place for this portion of the event, a stage with proper lighting looks much more professional and legitimate. When attendees share photos or videos from the event, you want it to look as put-together as possible.

A stage with relevant branding touches feels more suitable than someone standing in front of a bunch of tables accepting an award or making a speech. Proper stage lighting can also elevate the professionality of the event, help the audience see the visuals on the screens, helps with the quality of photos and leaves a lasting impression on attendees in a subtle way.

Always Have Backups

When it comes to the event’s agenda, dining options, and technology requirements, it’s imperative to always have extras in case of an emergency. The last thing you want is someone to go without a meal, or for the only microphone in the room to quit working.

Backup event agendas are good to keep on hand for the event organizers, DJ, or emcee. Everyone should have a clear idea of what’s going on and when, and extra event agendas will keep all important parties in the know.

Create a Way for Attendees to Feel Engaged

To create a lasting experience, you want attendees to feel engaged at the event. Maybe it’s a silent auction, a group competition, a surprise guest appearance, an app for enhancing interactions or fun table games. Think outside the box to incorporate interesting elements that people will remember for weeks and months to come.

Oftentimes, corporate event planners simply cover their bases: food, speaker, networking. Creating an event with more compelling details will establish an air of lasting appreciation and nostalgia for the experience, which is the sign of a successful corporate event.

Valuable Favors Go a Long Way

Really strategize what your attendees would want and use when you come up with favour ideas. Truly, there are few people who need or would use, a fully branded keychain with your company’s logo emblazoned on all sides. But hey, a sleek beer bottle opener, funky USB drive or branded planner could be ideal, depending on the crowd.

Consider who will be at the event and what they’d like to have, and go from there. Favours are a small touch that people keep as tokens of great events.

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